A Casual Gamers View on: Portal 2

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  1. I really enjoyed your review. It is tempting to rate something you enjoy as perfect, just so others play it, too. I personally loved Portal 2. It took me longer than most people to beat it (11 hours!) but I think that was because I spent a lot of time messing around and trying to find secrets. I have to agree with you that the Underground part seemed really long, until you reach the pre-recorded messages. Once I found those, it didn't matter to me that nothing particularly exciting was happening because I enjoyed learning as much as possible about the new character. The puzzles in that section were also the hardest for me, and I was stuck in one terrible puzzle for an hour. In that sense I grew very frustrated, especially when my friends who had already beaten the game told me how easy everything was. I suppose not having a better help function helped me think a little bit harder in the end. But I agree/ perhaps even more strongly think that that area needed a bit more guidance here and there. Perhaps this post is getting to long though.

    I just got into your reviews and really enjoy your sense of humor, keep on being awesome.