The mis-comprehension of the word 'Review'

What is up with word "review" lately?

I see people mentioning that everywhere when they don't like one of my Forget About It.

I think I stated clearly from episode one that when it comes to movies,I will never make reviews,because I don't have the knowledge or background necessary to do so,and also that would bore me to death to do something like that.

A lot of people on internet (not only TGWTG) are already doing that,(in a good or bad way,depends on your taste I guess).I'll always stay away from reviewing movies as far as possible,I don't want to do that.

But then again it seem like a vast majority of people turned,and consider,themselves as major movies snob just after watching a couple reviews and thinking they're truelly an unique individual with tastes above the sea of mediocrity that flood the web,and they feel really excited about the fact to turn someone down because he didn't give "a point" or "structure",or "fail to point out what he doesn't like".

Forget About It is 100% comedy,my thought or opinions on the movies are hidden way behind walls of sarcasm and random humor,and locked inside Satan wine cellar.I really enjoyed most of the movies I covered so far (exept resident evil) but I keep that for me,I don't need to "explain" or "review" them,I like them,bottom line.

Stop overthinking,stop trying to find a meaning to everything and for god sake PLEASE stop trying to find an approval of your own taste just because someone says a movie is good or not,your opinions are entitled to yourself.

To resume,put away that "review" word you got stuck so far up your ass and just enjoy comedy while you can.This is a big sad world,and there's not many occasion to laugh.



  1. Couldn't have said it better myself, man. People need to understand your show a bit better. I say...pardon the pun...Forget about 'em. Keep doing what you love and eventually more people will understand what you are doing. Some people are coming around. The more you do it, the more people will get it. If not, then it isn't worth getting annoyed over.

  2. Of course I stard talknig about FAI but it's really a general feeling that have just browsing different videos everywhere.
    Apparently reviewing anything,and I mean anything (movies,music,games and even comments) became a trendy thing I believe.
    I would just like people to act a little bit less serious about it.